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Ife Music

Ifé-Music is influenced by Party Pop – Afro Beat/Jazz – Afro House/Rock. Ifé is a SINGER / SONGWRITER / COMPOSER / PRODUCER of his music, born in Kingston Upon Thames - Surrey to a Nigerian parent. He came to prominence in the early 2000’s as the lead singer of a NigeriaAfro-Beat group POUNDS & NAIRA INC. 

Email: Officialifemusic@gmail.com
Web: ifemusic.com/www.ifé.hearnow.com


Ife is a Yoruba word meaning love,
Ife means ‘love’ in Egyptian,
Ife is an ancient Yoruba city in South Western Nigeria. 

Music Platform
  • Email: Officialifemusic@gmail.com
  • Phone:(+44)7957506538
  • Phone 2: (+234)8026273159