Music is a language and an expression of emotion, it represent different feelings and barge into the soul with no boundaries or limitations; it is the art of combining vocal with the arrangement of instrumental sounds to form melody, rhythm with harmony. Music composition to me starts from the melody followed by lyrics, the sound structure, editing, and mixing to get the best result for a timeless song production masterpiece.


A song that was written out of frustration, life experience, sorrow and hope for the future. The song is about addressing the issues of homelessness, institutional racism, social injustice, unemployment, war and the negative impact of globalisation. Stone Cold World is an Afrobeat/Jazz blend of music with an instrumental composition of drums, percussion, base, electric & acoustic guitar, piano, trumpet and a cello. The song was written, composed, co-produced By Ife, Produced my Mohamed Osman-Kamara.


An experimental track of House Music with Yoruba language backing vocals. This was a fun song to produced as a fast tempo dance track for all ages to get on the dance floor and party the way you want. Ewajo in Yoruba means ‘Come and Dance. The song was written, composed, co-produced by Ife, Produced my Mohamed Osman-Kamara. Part to 2 to Ewajo is a song is an Afrobeat – dancehall track packed with melodies, hooks and punch lines to keep you dancing.


A self confidence and a high self esteem song that comes from a place of peace and contentment. This traditional Afrobeat instrumental song is a blend of experimental instruments of aggressive guitar riff melodies; this gets your attention from the intro and throughout the song. This production mix of electric guitar, drums, base, percussion, talking drum, piano and bongo drums keep a you motivated at all times. The song was co-written, composed, co-produced by Ife, Produced my Mohamed Osman-Kamara. 


Sweet love is an up-tempo, bold rock song, with great hooks, melodies and simplify lyrics new lovers or all lovers of all ages. This track was influenced by Lenny Kravitz guitar riff in ‘Are you gonna go my way’. This track shows a the many musical talents of Ife song writing skills and an ear for a party. Written by Ife and the rap was written and Performed By Cashino of NDT (Nigeria Dream Team). The instrumental composition are drums, electric and base guitar, piano, sax and vocoder.


This song is an Afrobeat instrumental up-tempo feel good song. The intro was inspired by the the originator and pioneer of AFROBEAT MUSIC – Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Shirdordor means ‘fire dance’. A song that offers no apologies, produced to make you get on the dance floor, let loose and dance like a human possessed with no-inhibition. The message is simple with a mix of pigeon English, Ibo and Yoruba lyrics - ‘l no like vocoder music – DJ play my music’. Ife takes a swing at artist with too much vocoder in the singing production mix. Shirdordor is produced by DJ Sterling, written and composed by Ife.


Ife is a Yoruba word meaning love,
Ife means ‘love’ in Egyptian,
Ife is an ancient Yoruba city in South Western Nigeria. 

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