Music Promotion and Licencing

Nigeria/African artist do not capitalize in this area of income generation, hereby; missing out on the master recording rights and the composition rights of their songs, especially with artist that writes songs and own their masters; you are missing out on an income pull but at Ife-Music Entertainment we can help you with:

Master Use of License is negotiated for the usage of a sound recording “master”. The related fee is often paid upfront to the artist or label who owns that studio track or live recording.
Sync License for Composition is negotiated for the usage of the melody and lyrics. The related fee is often paid upfront to the music publisher, publishing administrator, or songwriter.
Our team of industry experts in film industry gives us the edge that we use to push new music out into the mainstream with sync music distribution. We can also help you with graphic design of your album and video production if need be but overall, we want you to succeed with us. 

Ife is a Yoruba word meaning love,
Ife means ‘love’ in Egyptian,
Ife is an ancient Yoruba city in South Western Nigeria. 

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